Welcome Spiritual Seekers!  

It's been a long journey with many obstacles, and it's time to turn your struggles into opportunities. Use my RRR&R template for success below and transform the lessons you've learned and the challenges you've overcome for a New Way of Life. 


Review times in your life when emotions were running wild and wrong decisions were made, altering your path in life i.e. trauma, illness, divorce, loss of partner, pet, house, job, career change, etc. Recall them in detail; Accept responsibility for your part in the outcome, then forgive yourself and move forward.


RELEASE draining unfulfilling relationships, situations, old belief systems not conducive to your growth i.e. people and situations that drain your energy (psychic vampires) and REPLACE them with positive, loving, supportive people, and situations. Eliminate to Illuminate! When you're feeling ill mentally or physically, meditate on what needs to be eliminated. It's the only way to become illuminated or enlightened. 



RESTORE sanity, clarity, and balance by learning survival skills for success in any of my Spiritual Awakening workshops. Be patient and gentle with yourself.

I offer a variety of therapeutic approaches using a unique blend of integrative solutions that include Eastern philosophy and healing modalities, with Shamanic wisdom teachings.  Contact me about what best fits for you to succeed on your journey toward health and wholeness.

Spiritual Awakening Workshops

JOURNALING TOWARD SELF-DISCOVERY   The written word is lasting and much more powerful than verbal sharing. Journaling offers the ability to look back at your own words. You'll gain insight into where or what you could have said or done things differently for more amicable results. Once damaging emotions are out of you and on paper, they lose power over you. 

HOW TO BEGIN JOURNAL WRITING  If you’re unfamiliar with journalling, a good place to start is writing one emotion a day on a calendar. One that causes stress or tension. i.e. fear; anger; loneliness; resentment; control; depression; guilt; anxiety; indecision; perfectionism; procrastination; self-esteem, etc. After one month, look back and note the emotions that appear most often. Address one emotion at a time, so it doesn't get overwhelming.

A safe place for dealing with them is at a 12 Step Emotional Support Groups such as Emotions Anonymous which is based on AA 12 Steps, 12 Principles, 12 Traditions, and 12 Concepts.

Link to my Spiritual Awakening free online Support Group and Spiritual Counsel.

CREATIVE METAPHYSICS Learn natural self-healing techniques to incorporate in your daily life i.e. Journey through the chakras to learn attitudes and behaviors that alter your mind-body health; Proper breathwork; Learn meditation for calm and focused decision making; Learn about energy vampires; Sound Healing for chronic illness; EMDR to reprogram your brain; EFT for Emotional healing; and Trusting your Intuition.

AWAKEN YOUR INNER-CHILD  This is a no-artistic-talent-necessary workshop that begins with a guided meditation to awaken your creative self/inner counselor. Join us in our madness (we use our middle names to play) and dabble in experimental art allowing your younger Self to play with a variety of mixed mediums (paint, ink, oil, pastels, collage, fabric, tissue, canvas, parchment, Chinese rice-paper. You’ll be surprised by what is revealed. Have fun and heal at the same time. What are you waiting for?

For uninterrupted Emotional Support and Spiritual Counsel please contribute below.

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